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    Nature at the Poor Farm

    A Cross Timbers Wildlife Habitat

    Riparian area at the Poor FarmThe poor farm is located in the Western Cross Timbers region of Texas, and has vegetation characteristic of that region. Trees include post oak, black jack oak, red oak, elm, cottonwood, and cedar. There is numerous wildlife. There are deer, turkeys, feral hogs, rabbits, raccoons and snakes, as well as many birds.

    There is a riparian area through the center of the property, where some small streams converge and then flow into the Threemile Branch across the road. Although these creeks aren't always flowing, there's always some water in them somewhere. There is also a small pond on the property.

    The peak of Kaliche MountainIn the southern part of the property, there are two "mountains." One is Sam Savage Mountain, a small fiddle-shaped hill on which is the "Indian grave." The other is Kaliche Mountain, with a height of 1,118 feet above sea level. This "mountain" is actually a finger of the long ridge which goes through the center of Parker County.

    Another notable natural wonder at the poor farm are the pecan trees. The state tree of Texas, pecans grow big around here. In fact, the nation's largest (and oldest!) pecan tree grows right here in Parker County (in Weatherford). Measuring the pecan tree (16' in circumference)The pecan trees at the poor farm aren't nearly as big as the Champion Pecan Tree, but they're pretty impressive! The biggest one at the poor farm is about 16 feet in circumference.

    I think it is very important that this land be preserved as a nature park for the enjoyment of present and future generations. As land around the poor farm has been developed and natural habitat destroyed, this county land has remained natural these past 122 years. I hope it will remain that way.

    The Trails Team is at this time planning for hiking trails around the creeks and hills of the poor farm. I think we can really make a great nature center out of it for the people of Parker County to get out and enjoy nature and wildlife.



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