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Compression station to be installed on poor farm property

April 13, 2007

The Commissioners Court has been approached by Peregrine Pipeline to install a compression station in the southwest corner of the County Farm. Without the compression station, the county will have no way to get the gas to market. Last month it produced $60,000.

I would be the first one against anything negative to the County Farm’s future plans of preserving the habitat. In this case, we would lose two acres in the very southwest corner that is next to the oilfield road and is not in a place that would harm the people who live around the County Farm nor any wildlife on the farm. The noise level of the compression station is almost imperceptible and the exterior is visually acceptable.

The Commissioners Court has voted to allow no public access to the farm (I voted to continue access, with the lone dissenting voice). Also, there are no plans of the Commissioners Court to preserve or develop it, and if the compressor station is not allowed, our best and most beautiful asset will not be utilized in a productive way.

I would invite you to go see the compressor station inside a new subdivision behind the new shopping center on Highway 51 South. The new addition is just off Lockwood Lane and Causbie Road.

The County needs the revenue to help reduce or offset future tax increases as we are using about $700,000 annually from these gas wells. I am pointing this out to you in advance to let you know I am not opposed to this compressor station.

Jim Webster, Commissioner

Precinct 4 – Parker County



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