Road to be built

Weatherford College

has agreed to give Parker County land to build a road on. This road will connect Highway 171 to Tin Top Road, going east-to-west. It will go through the county farm property, as well as through the college's land.

Plans for the Poor Farm

The ultimate plan for the Parker County Poor Farm is to develop the northern portion of the property, building county facilities and also a new senior center and dental clinic. The southern portion of the property will be preserved as a nature center, with hiking/biking trails.

This project was originally the idea of Jim Webster, Precinct 4 County Commissioner. He made a master plan for the whole farm, but later decided to form the Advisory Group, so that everyone who wanted to could have a part in planning for this project.

At this point, the Advisory Group is working on publicizing the project and recruiting new members. As far as I know, only the Trails Team has met and discussed possibilities. In the future, the Advisory Group will be planning more, and hopefully someday this idea will be manifested.

If you would like to join us in creating a master plan for the county farm, let us know!



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