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Compression station to be installed

The Commissioners Court has been approached by Peregrine Pipeline to install a compression station in the southwest corner of the County Farm.

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The Parker County Poor Farm

Rich in History and Nature

In 1883, three years before the present courthouse was built, the Parker County Commissioners Court bought a piece of land just south of Weatherford for use as a poor farm, a place for the county's indigent citizens to live and work. The farm operated until the 1940's when it was closed. Although the property's size has slightly decreased, the land has remained in possession of the county for the past 122 years.

Today, the land holds great potential for development as a nature center and a historical park. Jim Webster, Precinct 4 Commissioner, is organizing the Poor Farm Advisory Group, with the purpose of putting together a master plan for the development of the poor farm to be presented to the Commissioners Court.

Are you interested in Parker County history or nature?  Does this project sound interesting to you?  Join one or more of our teams in the advisory group! There's a Nature/Learning Center Team, a History Team, an Archaeology Team, a Trails Team, and many others. Click here to find out more about our teams and how you can help!


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